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  == Development ==
  == Development ==
  ''Global plans for the development of CWE. Where it stands now.''
  ''Global plans for the development of CWE. Where it stands now.''
== The Team ==
''All contributors to the CWE client.''
  == Documentation ==
  == Documentation ==

Latest revision as of 06:38, 17 February 2012

Better Structure

The structure for this article is contained entirely within one heading (apart from the end links). I propose instead the following structure:

== Introduction ==
Short text about the steps that lead to this.

=== Cyan Worlds Announcement ===
Contains quote.

=== OpenUru.Org Announcement ===
Contains initial announcement, maybe in blockquote form.

== What It Is ==
Description of CWE as it stands today.

== How To Get It ==
Information on getting the source code.

=== Building the Client ===
Small section on the actual building process (Jenkins, Visual Studio, CMake, whatever).

=== Building the Tools ===
Ditto for the Tools.

== Development ==
Global plans for the development of CWE. Where it stands now.

== The Team ==
All contributors to the CWE client.

== Documentation ==
Link to documentation (other Wiki pages, for example; FAQ).

== See Also ==
Links in normal form; not heading.

--Lyrositor 20:44, 16 February 2012 (MST)

Your edit has been rolled back because: 1) The extra break between headings was very much intentional to make the sections less crowded and more pleasing on the eye. 2) The <br> tag is an empty tag which means that it has no end tag. It is valid here even if closing tags are required by XHTML and others. Making an entire edit out of replacing valid tags is a bit pedantic. We have other pages just like it - please don't go on a crusade against them.  ;) 3) The "frequently abbreviated to CWE" intro sentence was quite awkward and already explained in the intro just below it. All that is needed is a "(CWE)" in the heading, which I will add - point taken. I will also reintroduce the pound signs you used to replace the numeric literals under "Steps." That was a good change, but got lost with the rollback.
Let us consider your structure suggestion before you make changes. It looks interesting. You left out "The Team." The links at the bottom were in normal form, but were changed to headings intentionally so that they appear in the outline.

--Admin 11:26, 16 February 2012 (EST)