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Better Structure

The structure for this article is contained entirely within one heading (apart from the end links). I propose instead the following structure:

== Introduction ==
Short text about the steps that lead to this.

=== Cyan Worlds Announcement ===
Contains quote.

=== OpenUru.Org Announcement ===
Contains initial announcement, maybe in blockquote form.

== What It Is ==
Description of CWE as it stands today.

== How To Get It ==
Information on getting the source code.

=== Building the Client ===
Small section on the actual building process (Jenkins, Visual Studio, CMake, whatever).

=== Building the Tools ===
Ditto for the Tools.

== Development ==
Global plans for the development of CWE. Where it stands now.

== Documentation ==
Link to documentation (other Wiki pages, for example; FAQ).

== See Also ==
Links in normal form; not heading.

--Lyrositor 20:44, 16 February 2012 (MST)