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Please consider giving this more scope and making it something like "Beginnings:<project name>" or "Origin Points:<project name>". Look at Marten's work on instancing as an example. -- Admin

Um, what project name would it be? Perhaps "Beginnings - Debate"? I made it as a sort of hub page for all the Beginnings: Projects, so it's basically a summary of all arguments I could find and the potential problems that need to be solved. There should also be a KI hub and an Instancing hub, but I don't feel knowledgeable in those areas to make them. -- Gehn, lord of ages

I see what you're doing. I was thinking the word 'debate' should not be included in the title of an article about any one proposal. But this looks like a page doing what it says, summarizing the different proposals. So that's actually a good title. It should include links to the various proposals on the wiki. If there's no wiki article yet, a link to a forum thread will have to do. Now, all you have to do is get the authors of the major proposals to write their articles which, theoretically, include consolidation of the forum discussions.  ;) -- Admin