Tech Note - File not Found on Server Error Updating CWE Client

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This Tech Note applies to: Engine (Client)



Additional Notes:
File not found on server when updating the client
DLL file missing or damaged in MOULa folder
DLL file missing or damaged in CWE folder

Problem Description

When updating the client for the first time you get an error message similar to the following (the actual file name may vary):

File not found on server: Data\dat\BahroCave_District_YeeshaCave.prp.gz

Due to licensing restrictions affecting Cyan content, shard servers can not legally redistribute those content files and they must be copied from an existing MOULa installation.

This error generally indicates that when copying files files from your MOULa installation, one or more files were either omitted or were corrupt or were, most likely, out of date (this can occur if an update on MOULa was missed). If you locate the related file in your CWE client installation folders (without the .gz suffix) you find it is missing or may be 0 bytes in size.


You can attempt to re-copy the file from your original MOULa installation, but if the original is also missing or damaged then the error will re-occur at the next attempt to update. In this case you need to re-fresh your MOULa data files as follows:

  1. Locate the TOS.txt file in your MOULa installation folder (the folder that contains UruLauncher.exe), and delete it. The MOULa installation folder is by default in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Uru Live
    — on 64bit machines
    C:\Program Files\Uru Live
    — on 32bit machines.
  2. Run UruLauncher.exe [1]. This may take a few minutes to check your MOULa installation files, and download any necessary updates.
  3. Start MOULa and allow it to run through the updating process (by deleting TOS.txt the patcher will check that all files are intact and up-to-date).
  4. Once you get to the login panel, click Cancel (you do not need to log in).
  5. Re-copy the missing file(s) from the MOULa folder to the equivalent CWE client folder (it may be wise to re-copy the entire avi, sfx and dat folders in case more than one file was missing or sort the files by modification date to locate any changed files)
  6. Run UruLauncher.exe in your new installation [1].

Ancillary Issues

Missing/Damaged DLL in MOULa folder

In rare cases, you may find that deleting TOS.txt does not cause the MOULa installation to refresh (e.g. the TOS.txt file does not get replaced) in which case you may have one or more corrupt .dll files in your MOULa installation that are hindering the client from updating. In this case you need to:

  1. Delete all .dll files in your MOULa folder
  2. Run your MOULa UruLauncher.exe [1].
  3. Once you get to the login panel, click Cancel.
  4. Re-copy the avi, dat, and sfx folders to your new CWE installation.
  5. Run UruLauncher.exe in your new installation [1].

You should now be able to update the CWE client successfully.

Missing/Damaged DLL in CWE folder

In rare cases, after a failed update of your CWE client and performing the steps described in the Resolution above, you may get a error similar to the following (the actual file name may vary):

MSVCR71.dll is not a valid Windows image

The DLL file has become corrupted/truncated and is stopping the patcher from running. Simply delete the affected file and re-run UruLauncher.exe.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Depending on your Windows version and Windows account settings, it may be necessary to use the "Run As Administrator" option.