Tech Note - LIBEAY32.dll Is Missing

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This Tech Note applies to: Engine (Client)



Additional Notes:
LIBEAY32.dll is deleted from the installation folder after an update failure occurs (OpenSSL dynamically linked in UruLauncher.exe)

Problem Description

When a client update fails, the dependency file "LIBEAY32.dll" is deleted or corrupted. This file can be normally be found in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Uru Live
— on 64bit versions of Windows
C:\Program Files\Uru Live
— on 32bit versions.

If the client build uses this DLL for the launcher (instead of statically linking the OpenSSL library) then the launcher will be unable to run.


To fix this problem, you will need to obtain a fresh copy of the dll from your CWE client download/installation package and place it into your installation folder; it may be simplest to re-run the client installer. Do not use a version obtained from any other source as the version may not match your client and may cause further problems with the launcher.