Tech Note - PhysX Version Incompatibility with CWE Client

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This Tech Note applies to: Engine (Client)


v1.897 (a'moaca'/cjkelly1 initial release)

Additional Notes:
CWE client loops trying to install PhysX

Problem Description

When launching the client, a popup message advises that PhysX is missing or out of date and prompts you to install it. If you proceed with the installation it then enters a loop, continually trying to update PhysX.


The original Myst Online: Uru Live (MOUL) client was built using the PhysX SDK v2.6.0 and the Ageia PhysX _Setup.exe downloaded with MOUL, MOULagain or MagiQuest Online only provides support for revisions up to 2.6.0. However the earliest SDK currently available from nVIDIA is v2.6.4, so builds of the CWE client using that SDK will require that the client PC upgrades the PhysX System Software (driver).

The client detects that the PhysX installation requires to be updated and runs the installer, "PhysX_Setup.exe". If that installer is the 2.6.0 version, then it will complete but the client will again detect that the installation is out of date and the process will repeat.

Users affected by this problem should download and run the PhysX System Software (9.10.0513) installer from the nVIDIA download site. [1] You may need to rename the file after download to "PhysX _Setup.exe" and place it in your client's installation folder (check with your server operator).

Caution: If you choose to use a version of PhysX older that version 9 you may find that you need to revert your PhysX installation back to the 2.6.0 version to use the Cyan MOULagain client.