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[edit] info-48x48.png Template documentation

This template is an infobox for ages. It has fourteen possible parameters (note that many are optional and some are mutually exclusive):

  • tn_image A thumbnail of the age image, stored in the wiki. Normally this should be set to 300 pixels wide and provides a link to a larger image if present (optional).
  • image: An image of the age, stored in the wiki (optional). Will be ignored unless "tn_image" is also used.
  • name: The title of the box is the name of the age. Usually this is the same as the name of the article. When it isn't this parameter can be used to set the name manually.
  • writer: The name of the Writer who wrote the age. It automatically creates a link to the Writer's article.
  • writers: The name of the writers of the age, for ages with multiple writers. Do not use this with writer.
  • hahr: The hahr the age was written.
  • ecosystem: The age's ecosystem. If this parameter is used, name must be used too. It doesn't matter what value ecosystem has, as long as it is something.
  • type: The type of age. An article with this parameter filled will be put into the appropriate category. The category must end with the word "Ages", but don't type that; if it is a Garden Age, type Type=Garden. It will display Garden Age.
  • connected: Ages or places that link to the age or are linked to from the age. To make links to them, you have to put them inside brackets. Since almost all the ages were connected to D'ni, writing Earth or D'ni is not necessary.
  • phase: Restoration phase of the age. For released ages, type "Open". For unreleased ages, type the number ("1" instead of "One").
  • released: Date the age was released to the public.
  • journal: Journal found in the age.
  • journals: Journals found in the age. Use this instead of journal if there is more than one journal.
  • linkInPoints: Link-in points. For simplicity, don't list the journey cloths.



Written by Editor

in 9663
Stub's ecosystem: xyzzy
Type Small Age
Connected places Age_1, Age_2
Restoration phase 1
Released 2006-09-18
Journal Stub journal
Link-in points Pedestal

{{AgeInfobox| tn_image=http://assets.openuru.org/wiki/newgreeters/KIimage0001TN.jpg| name=Stub|writer=Editor|hahr=9663|ecosystem=xyzzy|type=Small| connected=Age_1, Age_2|phase=1|released=2006-09-18|journal=Stub journal| linkInPoints=Pedestal}}

yields the box shown on the right:

Note: This template is adapted from the "Age" template at Mystlore.com[1], contributed by Chucker, Gorobay, and Koena and published under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License[2].