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This Tech Note applies to:

Product Title



Additional Notes:
Observed during installation on Windows XP SP3

This template adds a right hand sidebar similar to the one shown at the right, and should be added to all articles that describe a workround or fix to an issue.

For consistency, pages using this template should be given titles in the form:

Tech Note - Brief Problem Description

For example:

Tech Note - DirectX Error Launching CWE

Using this template automatically assigns the "Tech Note" category to the page.


Insert a statement like the following example near the top of your article:

{{Technote|Product Title|v1.0.1|Observed during installation on Windows XP SP3}}


The template takes three parameters, as listed below:

  1. The title or description of the product (application) to which this note applies.
  2. The version number or range of versions of the product to which this note applies.
  3. Any additional notes that might be useful to a reader who is skimming pages quickly.