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  • Rode in on thesis of "Manufactured Divisions" at during Until Uru
  • Participated on Cyan Worlds' D'mala shard leading into GameTap MOUL
  • Attended MOUL's "A Beginner's Bevin" nightly, mostly to abuse the ResEngs with snarky humor
  • Suggested Ladies Night for ResEng Lambert when he said women scared him - all part of the snarky humor:
  • Founded Pellet Points Hood, got agreement from Mr. Laxman to get and report daily pellet points from Dr. Watson
  • Helped bring MagiQuest Online development to Cyan Worlds for Creative Kingdoms - credited for Database Integration, but it had to be short; did lots more
  • Co-founded for the purpose of reviving MOUL and bringing open source to the Myst Online: Uru Live community
  • Trekkie, frisbee, nature, hiking, camping, t-shirts, cut my own hair, prep school and college graduate, software developer, pain in the butt