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Lyrositor is a Myst Online player, computer enthusiast and budding programmer (experience: HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, C++, Java, bash scripting, other; beginner levels for most). Lyrositor has recently started contributing to the wiki.


Lyrositor currently posesses the following computers-related skills:

  • General
    • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems.
    • Troubleshooting computer-related difficulties (basic-intermediate level).
    • Familiarity with Mediawiki syntax (see below).
  • Web
    • Well-versed in PHP scripting, HTML writing and CSS styling.
    • Knowledge of installation and management procedures for: Mediawiki, MyBB, phpBB, RoundCube, etc.
    • Capable of setting up various servers (Apache+MySQL+PHP, SSH, FTP...).
  • Development
    • Basic knowledge of C++ and Java.
    • Understanding of compiling process.

These skills, however modest they are, are displayed publicly not in an attempt to brag but as a result of a willingness to develop these existing skills through collaboration with other members.

Current Projects

Lyrositor is currently undertaking the following projects on the wiki:

  • Polishing existing content where applicable through simple means (no major rewrites).
  • Extending MOSS installation information.

Other Uru related projects include:

  • Myst Online Open Source Executables (MOOSE): a compendium of available executables for open-source Uru, which doesn't require users of Uru to compile and build things on their own. Examples: MOSS installation programs (for specific distributions), compiled CWE clients that can be configured to connect to a specific server, tools for building and developing. Currently at the conceptual stage (would like it if MOOSE could be a part of OpenUru in order to centralize all open-source related projects).

WARNING: Lyrositor may disappear or cease activity at any time due to personal reasons, which may include school-related work.