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Awww, I'm sorry, I guess my methods are pretty messy. I was thoroughly embarrassed to see the 500 edits when I looked at it. I don't suppose the slate can be wiped clean, can it?  ; )


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Memberships: None
Remembrances: Some

List in Code

For the convenience of shard operators, below is the names list as of 17 Oct 2015 with coding in place to update it directly in the database.

SQL code for MOSS servers[1]
UPDATE textnote SET value = E'Richard "ShadowCats" Bader\nJeannie "jmb30321" Barcus\nJanet "Pehpsi" Burress\nCAGrayWolf\nJames "Aquila" Carpenter\nVirginia "Terra" Cinova\nWillow "Wheely" Engberg\nCindy Farrar\nGandhar\nRon Hayter\nJahuti\nMaureen "Mo\'zie" Jannot\nJDrake\nDeirdre Karris\nKatzi\nWilliam "oldmanjob" Maier\nLen "Flyboy" Mumbower\nMyst\'Aken\nPerlenstern\nMark "Zardoz" Plummer\nRamsine\nJim "Dust\'ei" Rhodes\nJosef Riedl\nSil-Oh-Wet\nRosette Taylor\n' WHERE title = 'MemorialImager';
  1. Coding provided by Christian Walther.