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Using Boolean Operations

If you want to "cut" a mesh of one object with the mesh of another, you can use the Boolean Operand to do this with. A good example of using this, would be cutting open a door or window in a wall. A much larger example would be to cut a large ocean mesh so that your island will fit it.

A video version of this tutorial is available here.

In my simple example here, I have a plane that is my wall and I want to cut a circle out of it:


I create the mesh I am going to use to cut with, a cylinder:


I then move the cylinder so that it completely intersects the plane:


I then go to the Create tab, and select Compound Objects from the drop down menu:


Then I click on the Boolean button:


Since I have the cylinder selected, it is already Operand A. We want to make the Operand "B - A", which means "Subtract Mesh A, from Mesh B"


We now need to pick what object is going to be Operand B, which is the plane. We click on the Pick Operand B button, and in the 3D window, click on the plane:


As you can now see, we have a nice round hole cut out of our plane:


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