Virginia "Terra" Cinova

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Virginia "Terra" Cinova

31 December 1942 - 25 February 2011

Des Plaines, Illinois, USA

Terra, also known as Advocate (on MYSTcommunity forums)[1] was a member of the community by 2002, participated in Prologue,[2] joined the Guild of Greeters in October 2003 and served as a Guild Master.[3] She attended the 2004 Mysterium. In 2008, she moved on to "Middle Earth" (LOTRO) where she was known as Starligher and Kaprica.

Memberships: MYSTcommunity (Oct 2002), Guild of Greeters (Oct 2003)

Remembrances: Obituary/Tribute page for Virginia A. Cinova (WM)
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