What Exclusion Regions Are And What They Do

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Exclusion Regions are very useful, in that they allow us to do two things at one time:

They act as a invisible collider or blocker and they will move any players out of the way.

When you log on to MOUL:a, go to any Hood and proceed to the classroom door. Try to run through the door, and you'll see that you can not. Open the door and you can. Better yet, open the door, and then have a friend run in and out while you stand in the door way. Watch what happens.

Link to Teledahn with a friend. Go to the elevator. Have your friend get on the elevator, while you stand halfway on or off of the elevator platform, then have your friend move the elevator and watch what happens.

You'll see your avatar move out of the way of the door, or will move all the way off or on to the elevator.

That is what Exclusion Regions do for us: they block the player when we don't want them to walk right through a animated door, or fall down an elevator shaft. They also move players out of the way so they don't get crunched by the door, or squashed by the elevator.

You can use Exclusion Regions for a number of applications, ranging from just simple doors, to complex rides.

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