William “oldmanjob” Maier

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William “oldmanjob” Maier

12 September 1939 – 30 April 2012

Surface name: William H. Maier

Dana, North Carolina, USA

OMJ as he was known to his friends, participated in Prologue, Until Uru (“GoG mainly, Tapestry, Great tree, Slackers, the Desert shard, Lost kin, Lost City of Atlantis and Adsolema” [1]), D’mala, Myst Online: Uru Live (GameTap era) and MOULAgain. He joined the Guild of Greeters in December 2004 and was a regular attendee to Ktahdn's "Up On The Roof!" parties and "Music Night."

Memberships: Guild of Greeters (Dec 2004), DRC Forums (Dec 2005), The Great Tree Forums (Feb 2006), MOUL Forums (May 2006), Guild of Writers Forums (Aug 2010), OpenUru.org Forums (Oct 2011), Rooftop Volunteer Group (RVG)

Remembrances: WGCR.net obituaries (WM); Patriot Guard Riders forum thread: Patriot Guard: William H. Maier, USA Veteran, Hendersonville, NC (WM); GuzziTech forum thread: Moto Guzzi loses a Great Ambassador (WM); Guild of Greeters forum thread by Tai'lahr: Oldmanjob / William H. Maier
  1. DRC forum post by oldmanjob